How do I get rid off vmlinuz


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Feb 20, 2022
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I've installed the chrome OS flex on my 3 years old laptop and it booted up well but it goes blank after booting.... I can't even install windows again on the laptop it boots up Chrome OS even if I plug my booted pendrive with windows 10. I've Removed the hard drive and formatted it in a PC and it still shows the same while booting.(please refer image attached) Please help me resolve this


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Don't just re-format. Rebuild the partition table.
You can do this with most "Live" Linux USB sticks and gParted.
Sorry I am not clairvoyant, what is the make and model of your laptop, what OS did it originally come with?

OK. To re-install W10, first you need to make a bootable medium [as you would for Linux] your W10 download needs to be "burnt" to the USB as a bootable image using Rufus or Etcher not copied across, if you have a good clean ISO then don't worrie about vmlonuz as your W10 install should wipe out everything on the harddrive , put the pen drive in the USB then switch on whilst jiggling the short [quick] boot key ,
look down find the USB drive and click on and enter, w10 should now start to load, once it is loaded you will need to re-start then switch the windows fast boot back on, in the full Bios menu,
word of warning, I do not know if W10 comes with all the necessary motherboard drivers, you may have to search the net and download the correct ones for your particular machine and install them


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