How do I set Nemo to the default?


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Nov 11, 2021
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I installed Nemo but I am not sure how to set it as the default file manager in Fedora 35 and show it in the application list

G'day @cerulean and welcome to from DownUnder :)

Which DE (desktop enironment) of Fedora 35 are you using, eg the default GNOME, or one of the Community Spins, if so which?

Do not delete your existing default file manager, and I'll be back when I can (Saturday morning shopping).

Chris Turner
Regrets, I was about an hour ago but was called away without chance to log off. In the event you are caching zzzz's, I will outline some stuff you can work on or answer.

OK, so Fedora default GNOME edition, and it has an app Files aka Nautilus which you don't like, or at least prefer Cinnamon's Nemo which you have installed and wish to use as default FM (file manager), and have it show in your Launch Dock (dock) which by default is at left, or could be top or bottom if you have tweaked the Settings - Appearance options.

And you are asking for it to be in your List of Applications

True? If different, tell me how so.

I'll proceed ahead on the basis of what I have conjured/conjectured. ;)

List of Applications or Applications List, under GNOME, is the name given to the desktop icon showing as


Nemo should already be in there, albeit it may have a name a little different eg File Manager, or something other to distinguish it from Nautilus. If you can't find that, or be sure, go to Terminal and enter


and see what the result is.

If it is there, then all you need to do is to replace the icon for Nautilus on your Dock, and substitute Nemo.

From the Dock, you can right-click on Nautilus and choose Remove from Favourites, and it will vanish.

Then from your Applications List, once you have identified the icon and name for Nemo, you can right-click it there and choose Add to Favourites, it will then appear on your dock, and is now effectively your default FM.

Warning -

Do not delete, or in any way other than that described, remove Nautilus from your GNOME Linux distribution!

Each of the DEs and their associated FMs are intimately and intricately dependent on each other. If you remove the FM, you will break the desktop. It is simpler to just shuffle the one getting replaced to be out of sight.

Cheers and Avagudweegend

Thanks very much. I only see one file application on the application overview and it opens Nautilus not Nemo but if I type Nemo in the terminal I do get that to open succesfully.

Noted, I'll make sure I keep Nautilus on the system too.

Edit: Also not sure how to set it for default, for example if I have something downloaded in my browser and click "open in folder" it opens in Nautilus.
Cool, have to chop and change distros from now to my evening meal, but will be back on deck tomorrow.

If you like you can tell me how important Nemo is, and we can find why it is not showing, and perhaps set a GUI launcher, or see what else is the state of the nation.

Of course another option is to save your personal data and switch over to Fedora Cinnamon entirely.

Have a read here until then.


Much appreciated

I do prefer Nemo since I used Mint Cinnamon for quite some time, so that is most familiar to me. I can consider going to Cinnamon on Fedora but I do like using the Gnome DE since I also used Pop OS for a while. I think I would prefer to stick with Gnome and get Nemo set to default/show in applications menu, but if necessary I can try Cinnamon again.

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