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How do YOU pronounce 'sudo'?

Like so many things... I learned it "wrong" early on, but there's hope for me to change in time. So, I think I'm incorrectly saying "sue doh" because "sue doo" makes more sense when you remember what the command is about:

Hey, Super User, DO this command for me!

I'm just glad that I've finally learned to say, Linux as "lih nucks" instead of "lie nucks". :confused::eek::D:D

Good question, Rob!

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I pronounce "sudo" the same way I pronounce "judo" the right way of course. :p:D

P.S. I corrected my spelling error. :oops:
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I voted "Sue Dough" but I'll throw a spanner in the works, as Wizards invariably do :D:rolleyes:

However, I'll leave my comments for a couple of weeks until we get some more of a voting base :)

I like @poorguy 's comment, but was that "coarse" or "course", Mate ? :cool::Do_O

Grammatically, an Australian will always choose the easiest , fastest, and less taxing pronunciation that he/she can,

sudo as in judo.....(thanks poorguy)
actually.....Yes . We will expend as little effort as is humanly possible to say whatever it is we have to say.....

"s'do"....may be even closer (s'doe)

Geez Rob.....sure hope you like your topic being derailed and screwed around with...
Hey, Super User, DO this command for me!

There is also another opinion / option :

Super User Do Once

Anyway I pronounce it Σου-ντο, ( sound something like judo ) by one hand because I’m Greek by other hand Because I HAVE NOBODY TO SPEAK WITH ABOUT LINUX !!!
Hello colleagues!
Usually I try to search for original pronunciation from the author of the app.
Sometimes wikipedia helps to find an author.
In our case the authors are: Robert Coggeshall, Cliff Spencer and Todd C. Miller (current developer).
And as Todd C. Miller says at the bottom of official sudo FAQ page:
"The official pronunciation is soo-doo (for su ‘do’). However, an alternate pronunciation, a homophone of ‘pseudo’, is also common."
– Link: https://www.sudo.ws/docs/troubleshooting/#how-do-you-pronounce-sudo
I'm a pseudo kinda guy.

Also, this is a very old thread. It's an odd one to dredge up...
Also, this is a very old thread. It's an odd one to dredge up...
I am taking Ansible course right now, and there was a mention of sudo and somehow I decided to find the correct pronunciation.
Google brought me here.
I decided to join Linux.org after 22 years of using Linux ))
I decided to join Linux.org after 22 years of using Linux ))

LOL It took you long enough! (I didn't join until fairly recently, as far as internet time goes.)

You can pop in over in the Member Introductions section of the forum - should you like.

There's also an informal poll in my signature, regarding how long you've been using Linux - you'll nearly top the charts, as memory serves. (The poll isn't all that refined after like 15 years or greater.)
Well, I learned it was pronounced just like judo.

But I learned it from a Solaris guy who was teaching me BSD back in the early 90s, so there's no telling if he knew what he was talking about.

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