How fast is your browser ?

Test made me dizzy! Like wow, all those to do lists.

In firefox, it didn't seem to make a difference whether or not i had the adblocker turned off (no script is off by default), and of course chrome was faster (14.9 score vs. 8.94 - 9.27).

I have updates to run in a few days with a distro that I use for testing, and it has 5 browsers on it, so I'll come back with their results when they are available to me.

It was five (5) browsers - Firefox, Waterfox, Chromium, Vivaldi and Brave.

I disabled extensions before running the test.

Results fastest to slowest -

Firefox - 9.17

Brave - 8.18

Chromium - 7.93

Vivaldi - 7.76

Waterfox - 5.17

The 9.17 for Firefox without extensions was only marginally faster than the 9.03 I reported earlier, which had extensions enabled, so next to no difference, there.

Firefox does nicely. I am curious that Waterfox falls behind.....maybe it has some security feature that slows it down ?
I haven't checked (other than Extensions), although generally I am quite happy with the performance of it.
I run at least 6 Chromium-based browsers on a regular basis. And 3 'zilla-based ones.

I took a look at the test. I even ran it a couple of times. But I'm not going to bother with posting lists of results, because I really couldn't care less about all that malarkey.

When it comes down to it, figures are meaningless, and don't really prove much. Who cares? I certainly don't. What matters far more in a day-to-day use case is totally subjective; do YOU, as an individual, feel that your browsing sessions are responsive? Does your browser connect to sites as fast as you would like....and are you happy with that? Does it really matter if you connect a few milliseconds faster or slower than somebody else?

Are you honestly bothered about proving to the world & his wife that your hardware is just that little bit faster than everybody else's?

There's an awful lot of variables in the system. How far away are the server(s) your network connects to? What load is that server under? (It varies from second to second, every minute of the day). How much traffic is your ISP trying to balance at any given moment?

Your own system - and whatever browser you're running - is only as responsive as the speed of the connection coming into your property. Sites like these are useful, yes - and give interesting results. But if YOU feel you need to crow about having "better results" than others, then you REALLY need to get out more! :p

That's my take on the matter. I have a 60 MBps download speed - according to Ookla - and a 21 MBps upload speed. I'm perfectly content with that; I don't game, and my most taxing on-line activity is watching NetFlix.....and the NetFlix plan I'm on is more than happy with that.

And so am I.


Mike. :)

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