How long has 'star' been something in PMs?


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Jul 23, 2020
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I just noticed this for the first time:


I have no idea if that's new or has been there this entire time. I assume it is effectively a sticky, meaning star'ed posts will be at the top of your list of PMs, but I have no idea 'cause I haven't smashed the button yet. It's a button, so I'll eventually click it. I just haven't reached that point yet.

I have a hunch that it's fairly new. I've pounded the snot out of pretty much every button here, unless it was obvious what it does. I might have missed this one. It could happen, but I suspect it's a fairly new addition.

I never noticed it before either, maybe a recent update?
I would guess that it's a recent update to the forum software. More so if you too hadn't noticed it before.
Maybe not new, just unnoticed?

What I did was as follows:
  1. Put a star on a conversation 4th or 5th down my list, changes were saved but position did not alter (the star appears near the right, left of Replies)
  2. You can then use Filters to, for example, show all starred conversations
  3. As well as the one I had just done manually, it revealed one with friend Paul @VP9KS form 20 December 2018, yes, 2018.
  4. I had not put a star, myself, on that one
@Rob may have more


Maybe not new, just unnoticed?

That's possible, but I'm pretty observant. Still, I could have easily missed it.

Filtering starred conversations sounds efficient and valuable.

It's not there on another XenForo instance that I visit, though they're pretty slow in updating. Conservative in updating, I guess is a nicer way to put it.
Filtering starred conversations sounds efficient and valuable.

I'd better get cracking then, 23 pages numbering about 455 conversations :)
I'd better get cracking then, 23 pages numbering about 455 conversations :)

I can think of like three that'd be worth filtering to the top. Not 'cause they're that important, but 'cause they get used regularly. I don't mind PMs, but I like to steer a lot of 'em to public spaces. I get a bunch of people asking for support via PM. I get a smattering number of people who just want to troll me or call me names. LOL
LOL Well, at least we know what it does.

I'm usually pretty observant, so I suspect it's fairly recent. New buttons to push are the kinds of things I notice.

If you put me in a room with an unknown button that said "DO NOT PUSH" then I'd press that button as soon as you weren't looking. For all I know, it could cause the end of the world as we know it - but I'm still gonna push that button.

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