how SuperGrub 2 - to boot Legacy Mbr windoz partition


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I have a supergrub2 liveusb, i uses it fine on a laptop before, it detects both linux and win7 partition and boots up either one just fine.
Today , I tried on the other laptop which CSM turned on, on a Hdd with MBR partition, trying to boot into win7 .. but it says:

Sorry, but we are booted via UEFI and can not load this OS.
Please try booting SG2D via bios compatibility mode.
Huh ? what's the problem ?
Why i can use it on one, but not on the other one ?

The computer is with 1 hdd only, but several partitions. MBR
sda1 - win7 reserved
sda2 - ntfs win7
sda3 -ext4 /boot
sda5- swap
sda6 -ext4 /home

the other computer that supergrub live usb works well is:
sda1 win7 reserved
sda2 ntfs win7

sdb1 ext4 /
sdb2 ext4 /home

Is there a supergrub for MBR ? weird.. How to make the supergrub2 live usb to run on that computer with problem running ?


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