How to add a "blob:..." URL to /etc/hosts whitelist


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I am running GalliumOS on a Dell Chromebook 11 (3120 CANDY Bay Trail).

I am setting up this device for a child to use, and my preferred method of web filtering is whitelisting, so that I have full control over what websites can be accessed (yes, I am fully aware of the inconvenience this is likely to produce in future, having to add domains frequently as the child wants to visit domains not currently on the whitelist; regardless, this is what I have decided to do).

I have /etc/nsswitch.conf set up to only allow connections to domains listed in /etc/hosts.

So far, this method is working well for the most part. However, I have encountered an issue with a particular website which has an embedded video player pulling from a domain that is already in my whitelist. When I have "dns" removed from the "hosts:" line of /etc/hosts, the video player encounters an unexpected error. When I include "dns" in the "hosts:" line, the player works fine, indicating to me that the player is trying to pull data from a URL that /etc/hosts is not allowing.

I have inspected the HTML code of the video player, and I have every domain indicated in the code listed in /etc/hosts. However, I did notice that the main URL that the video is trying to access starts with "blob:https://..." and I am wondering if the "blob:" portion of the URL is what is causing the problem. Just to confirm, the domain from that specific URL is definitely listed in /etc/hosts.

Is there a way to let my machine know that accessing URL's with "blob:..." is ok, as long as the main domain is listed in /etc/hosts?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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