how to add printer's scanner in ubuntu


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Sep 20, 2021
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Hello all,

i just recently joined a organization where all pcs are running operating system linux and it my duty to take care all system problems .
one thing i want to ask i need to install a printer and scanner on ubuntu and centos operating system based pcs .

Printer is EPSON L4160 . please help me how to install

If you got hired for the job it means you are getting paid for it which means you should be able to do it yourself or be able to figure it out yourself without needing the help of volunteers.
thanks to open my eyes i never knew i forgot i hired for this job .. thanks and also i didn't know this forum is for only just an eye opening session .
Your question came over as if you have no idea what to do, which I find strange if you got hired for it. Use the forum search there are previous topics about Epson printers that should also be able to help you.
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