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how to configure a network for public ip and local ip for a single host: in Suse 15.3 linux


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Sep 9, 2022
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I am new bee to Linux and networking:

i would like to configure ex: [local ip 192.168.10.xx ] and [public ip 103.44.xx.xx] for a single host(MyServer1)
i am able to access fine from public, unfortunately when i am accessing from the local most of the times packets are going through public ip.

i doubt the rules having issues, is this the below are fine or something need to be added more. attached yast2 screen shot also.

MyServer1:~ # ip route
default via 103.44.A.XYZ dev em1
103.44.A.0/24 dev em1 proto kernel scope link src 103.44.A.ABC dev em3 proto kernel scope link src 192.168.10.XZ
MyServer1:~ #

YAST2 screens attached. i guess there should be a way where public IP packets always should go through public Gateway and the same way local traffic should go through local gateway ip.

could you please shed some light on it


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