How to delete "bridge (pan1) in mint 18.3


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Aug 27, 2017
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Some how, I got a bridge in "Network" that stops all internet traffic until it is stopped. I have tried stopping it and the network works until I reboot, then it comes back. I have tried deleting it in Network Manager with the same results. How can I get rid of this bridge permanently, short of reinstalling Mint again? I have been using 18.3 for some time and only encountered this problem within the last few days. Can anyone help me?

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(Do you have Timeshift installed and running ? guard against any stuff ups ?)


sudo ip link delete br0 type bridge

(in terminal of course. )
sudo ip link delete br0 type bridge

Received "Cannot find device "br0"" Not surprising since it ("(pan1)") only shows up after a reboot. Then it prevents ANY internet connection until turned off.
sudo ip link delete pan1 type bridge

(This is an absolute guess on my part,....I have no idea what i am doing)
Now that fills me with confidence Brian :)

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Throwing it out there ... 1. Are you experiencing problems with Bluetooth, it uses pan1 as well?

2. What method do you use for running updates and upgrades? eg the little blue and white shield ie GUI Update Manager, Synaptic Package Manager, or Terminal?

If one of the first two, we can look at an update history, since

...and only encountered this problem within the last few days.

And yes, I agree with Brian on

Do you have Timeshift installed and running ? guard against any stuff ups ?)

It is already installed with your 18.3 'Sylvia', we can talk more about that later.

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(ignore this wcm)
Timeshift is not installed, yet. Until now, I haven't needed it.
Actually, Bluetooth is working better than usual.
Yes, I use the blue shield for updates and, usually. Synaptic, some times. Terminal, too. but not recently.
I've heard about that Vegemite. A small taste just for the experience. Once.
Anyway, back to the issue at hand. I never set up a bridge that I am aware of. My system crashed and I was forced to resurrect it from a Cinnamon-session reload that others seemed to have had also. Was that the issue? Don't know. I was able to save my data and was ready to reinstall Mint when things started working again, except for this issue after every reboot. I normally shut down daily for the required sleep period.
I would like to thank you all for your time and assistance. Any other suggestions on how to delete that pesky bridge?
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You spoke of Synaptic......are you game to try reinstalling network manager ?

Timeshift will really take the worry out of this. If somehtong went seriously south, Timeshift will allow you to go back in time...similar to system restore in windows...with the main difference being that Timeshift works. Ultra reliable.

If you have an external hard drive it is seriously simple to set up.
Once it is take a 'snapshot' using Timeshift.....and then use the settings to take a snapshot daily, or weekly, etc etc...what ever suits your will happen will more likely not even notice it happening....and then if something really goes south/berserk/major crash/ simply plug in a thumb drive/pen drive/usb stick with Linux Mint on it.....boot to restore......go make coffee..or vegemite on toast....whatever. usually 12 minutes max. ...depending on the amount of data to be restored
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Here's a couple of pictures from one of my Linux Mint 18.3 'Sylvia' s, Cinnamon desktop. Pix from today.


8 updates, includes Steam at the top, and a new Kernel near the bottom.

After running the updates, I reboot the computer and enter Synaptic Package Manager.

In SPM, choose File - History


So you can see both Steam and Kernel featured on SPM, as well as the others.

Update Manager and Synaptic are intimately associated, however Terminal updates would not reflect here, they are captured elsewhere.

You may be able to determine if an update borked or introduced the pan element and then isolate it.

Timeshift is not installed, yet. Until now, I haven't needed it.

Check Menu - Administration and you will find Timeshift there.

I have a Thread on Timeshift here -


Thank you, gentlemen, for all your assistance. Unfortunately, I am still having the same problem. I have noticed that the hardware number in the "pan1" description keeps changing, which I find very interesting since it looks like a MAC address. I didn't know they changed like that. (Have I been infected? And I have been so careful.)
I loaded "Timeshift" and created a backup. (I know. Closing the door after the horse has already left.) I am wondering if I can timeshift one part or if it's an all or nothing for that saved time slot? Like, say, after a reinstall of Mint.
I did go back through the history using Synaptic but did not see anything that would have caused the problem (Unless it was an update). I even reinstalled all the named removals I had done, to no avail. When I tried to reinstall the network manager, it told me it could not get a lock on a folder because I did not have the proper authorization to do so. That seems strange since I am the only one on this computer. (su needs a password which I can't find and do not remember setting up when I installed this version of Mint. sudo works fine.)
Is there a way to start a terminal in "root"? I know, it's dangerous but right now, what's the worst that could happen? I could destroy my Linux and need to reinstall it, right?
So here I am, stuck in the middle, wondering what to do next. I'll keep plugging away until I find an answer that works or I completely trash my install. At least with Timewarp, I can jump to the left and a step to the right, and maybe get back to where I am now. But if you have any other suggestions, I am willing at least to listen and say thank you.

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