How to find physical and virtual ips?


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Hello guys,

I’m a beginner in Linux and was given a task of finding the physical IPs and Virtual IPs for a few servers. Ilooked online but couldn’tfind any helpful info.
Could someone please explain me on how to find the physical IPs and virtual IPs oof a server? Thank you.


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Thanks for the links.
with the commands, ifconfig -a | grep "^ *inet addr:" and ip addr | grep "^ *inet ", the output shows multiple ips. I thought a server has only 1 physical IP and 1 Virtual IP.
How to tell which one is the physical IP and which one is virtual IP from the output?

The output looks like this with the command ip addr | grep "^ *inet "

inet scope host 1o
inet brd scope global bond0
inet brd scope global secondary bond0:1
inet brd scope global secondary bond0:2
inet brd scope global secondary bond0:0
inet brd scope global bond0:2032
inet brd scope global bond0:2056
inet brd scope global secondary bond0.2058:1
inet scope global secondary bond0.2058:2

Appreciate your help.

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