How to handle exception during runtime using runtime library?

shravan b

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Aug 26, 2021
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Iam using linux system, where iam working on creating a SCA AEP profile.
AEP is just a abstract between Application and OS.
consider Example:
consider a application have some function call, that function call is not supported by AEP profile. So here i need to raise exception for that function call used in the application using runtime library i .e while a application calls 'function call' i need to raise
exception by blocking or restrict the function call because AEP is not supported to that function call(AEP will support to limited number of function call and not supported to rest of the function call).

1.But i completely unaware of function call used in application because application may developed by third party and i have to find 'function call' in application so i can raise exception if AEP is not supported.
2.How to raising exception using runtime lib during runtime.
3. Creating independent profile without modifying application done by any programmer and i have to get know all function call & raise exception.

can anyone give a example showing how to handle exception in runtime library?

list of function call in AEP:
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