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How to install ASUS ROG Driver on Zorin?


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Mar 3, 2021
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Hello, I am somewhat new in Linux environment, although I used ubuntu in my university computer lab so just know basic command. I installed Zorin Student version recently. I want to install all ASUS ROG driver for my ZORIN OS. My Laptop came with driver installer but its in .exe format and other hardware driver in .bat format. I installed WINE so it could run, but I tried several times .exe file is not running I don’t know how to run .bat in linux. So anyone got any idea how can I do so? I am unable to fully use my keyboard and unable to adjust my brightness or ROG ARMORY crate.

.exe file is Windows only. I never heard of or seen .bat in Linux. What you need is a .deb file. The other alternative is to ask if the is an other way in the ZORIN forum or Ubuntu forums since ZORIN is Ubuntu based.

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