How to install Parrot OS latest version parrot os 4.11.2

Use Google Translate and follow the instructions on the Parrot OS website. It is straightforward already.
ParrotOS installation (translated to Arabic with Google Translate): Click here for translation

ParrotOS configuration (translated to Arabic with Google Translate): Click here for translation

How to use Google Translate: Copy the link and then paste into Google Translate to translate the entire website. If you use Google Chrome/Chromium, you can also translate directly from the browser. Based on my research, Google Translate is the best for Arabic, but it is still not accurate.

Not many people on this forum are using this OS. You have a better chance of getting support by asking on the Parrot OS forum rather than here.
I understand you, in Google Translate, better than you:cool::)


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my language is Arabic
I'm trying to understand you through Google Translate
I have little experience in hacking
But installing the system is tiring for me
I'm sorry friends
Forgive me for the inconvenience
I won't bother you guys again, I promise.
are you sure you should even be using parrot if you cant figure out the installer (which is extremely straight forward and so easy a child could do it?) you should start with ubuntu , the issues your having with the installer are nothing compared to what youre going to have actually trying to use a hacking tool , or anything for that matter, trust me, i did exactly what youre doing and started linux with kali/parrot , finally 3 or 4 years later im "comfortable" using linux as a daily driver, this isnt something youre going to learn overnight
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