How to limit root access?


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Jul 25, 2021
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In an IT company that contains sysadmins, developers & database admins, how can we limit the sysadmin (root) access on a Linux server.
For example:
DBAs has special privileges to data bases. But the sysadmin (root) have the access to those files too even without their passwords, that we don't want this. In windows, you don't have the access to some of the user's files as administrator, I wanna know how can I have this in Linux. Thank you so much.

Root has all the rights. If you can't trust a user with root, don't give them root access. Give them more granular permissions.
Root is intended to access all files in the system. If you do not want sysadmins to have that privilege give them only user privileges and allow them to be part of groups you want them to access. Block them from others. If you restrict root access then no one would be able to fix the files in question if they are corrupted. It sounds like you need to be selective in selecting your sysadmins :) How ever that being said this article may be of help limit root
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Properly configured sudo.

There are only two people who know the root password in my company. The other admins (including those two) use sudo.

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