How to make Sound Settings recognise BT headset


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I have a new BH-M20 Bluetooth headset/microphone combo which pairs and works immediately with my Android phone and my iMac.

After some struggling, I got my HP Envy laptop (Mint 19) to "see" the new device, recognise it as a headset, and pair with it successfully. But I cannot find out how to tell the system to use it as the audio output and input device because it doesn't appear as a device in Sound Settings.

On my Dell desktop (also Mint19) it simply doesn't see the device at all, like it's non-existent (but it does see other BT devices like my FitBit). However, if I plug in a USB Bluetooth adapter, it pops up as an additional adapter, and that sees the headset OK and can pair with it successfully...but it also cannot be persuaded to use it as the audio output and input device.

Is there some additional package that is needed to allow BT headsets to be used as a recognised device in Sound Settings? Or some other way to tell the system to use it. Does blueman need some help to pass details of the device to the sound system?


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Please install "pavucontrol".

This will add "PulseAudio Volume Control" to your menu. This application has more configuration options than the default volume control.

you will find it in Software Manager

And, btw, you have a topic still unresolved HERE ....did you have any success??
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