How to move an installation of Ubuntu on a different hard drive without another format?


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I'm not a complete linux noob but I'd consider myself an intermediate noob. I went in a daze of formatting my hard drive over and over again trying out distros(yeah I know I could've tried out the live non savable versions but that wasn't immersive enough)
I'm tired of formatting and, settled down on on three out of 4 of my computers Linux Mint, Ubuntu and Puppy Linux. The 4th one has free dos on it and, has really low specs and is from the 90's.
I'm going to be upgrading to a larger hard drive on my installation of Ubuntu probably within a few weeks and turn the one that ubuntu was originally on into a storage drive.

How can I move my Ubuntu installation to another hard drive without a format? (I'm sick of them.) (If it's impossible that's understood)


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If I am understanding your question correctly: delve into the "dd" command. That may be exactly what you are looking for.
Otherwise, Clonezilla will make an image of your current installation and copy it to another drive of the same or larger size.

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