[How to] Overclocking the raspberrypi and it's problems


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I strongly overclocked my raspberrypi 4B to 2Ghz at the cpu, 750mhz at the gpu and 3.8Ghz at the ram.
I'm using a active cooler to cool cpu etc.
!!!Do not try this with out an activ cooler!!!
!!!Overclocking can harm your Pi and your waranty is instandly gone!!!

I overclocked to pi adding this lines:

to the /boot/config.txt file

The 1.,3. and 4. lines set the cpu/gpu/ram-frequenci to the wanted frequencies in mhz.
The second line overvoltages the cpu/gpu to run at stable frequencies.

The problems I noticed were, that the pi shuted down while I watched yt videos in HD or when I opened .pdf documents with the preinstalled pdf-reader.

I think this happens because the cpu peaks fast up to 100% doing this tasks.
What I did is setting down the resolution at yt and opening .pdf documents with the chromium browser.

The tempratures i get with my cooler are around 42°C at 0% cpu usage and aroung 65°C at 100% cpu usage.

Enjoy Overclocking your raspberrypi and tinkering around with that.

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