How to recover Linux after a power surge puts it in emergency mode


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I have an Acer computer that came with Microsoft 10 but I installed Linux Red Hat as my operating system which I used exclusively. I suffered a power surge and now when I try to boot the operating system, I receive several error messages and am left in emergency mode.
How can I get out of emergency mode and back into my computer?


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G'day @ebunch and welcome to, albeit under trying circumstances :)

I may not be the one to help you, but a couple of questions -

  1. How are you communicating with us?
  2. Can you post eg phone pics or other information?
  3. Describe the emergency mode, including any prompt
  4. Do you have a support agreement with Red Hat, and which version?
The more you tell us, the better we may be able to assist.


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IF you don't have hardware problems due to the surge, try logging in (in emergency mode) and entering "systemctl default" and reboot. That was needed with CentOS, so I assume it's the same with RHEL.

However, that's a guess - 'cause I don't know what your error messages are. As Wizard said, we need to know what specific errors we're working with.


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I've had a power surge or two but my tower running Linux Mint just boots back up,so I can't help you.
My computer is plugged into a power surge protection board which might be why no damage is done. ;)
Your computer my have suffered damage that can't be fixed,I might be wrong but a small amount of static electricity can kill computer components. I always keep an Image of my Operating System on an External HDD for times just like this, so I don't loose everything and have to reinstall the OS. ;)

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