How to reduce police font size on and change theme ? On FEDORA 32


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I'm new on fedora 32, and I can't create an account on, the forum is locked.
So for my display, on my screen I need to reduce font size system and change my theme on fedora, but I cannot found wiki, or tutorial for that. Thank you for your help.
Because, some software like Audacity doesn't work perfectly like, vinyl music turntable has low sound, or big size font change the design of the button software.


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Hi everyone,
If you are using GNOME on your Distribution, just activate your Universal Accessibility and activate the Option titled: Larger Text. It will be zoomed to 125%
If you need more or less zoom value (for example 150% or 110%), just install Gnome-Tweaks via the equivalent of (since i'm used to debian family, sorry)
sudo apt install gnome-tweak-tool
Here is a quick video tutorial on GNOME 3.36
I hope it helps
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