how to send email to Distribution list from CentOS

Kandasamy Murugan

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I have a Centos linux server for my team, which is a part of corp network,I have scripts running in the server that trigger reports (bug reports, productivity reports etc) from this server to the team for tracking purposes. When I use email alias in the To column, the mails are not going. If I use individual emails IDs to send reports, its working.
Is there any restriction in sending mails to Group IDs? Can you pls sort this issue?
[[email protected]*******~]# echo "Subject: Test Email from Kanda" | sendmail ENI-Desktop [email protected]*********.com<mailto:[email protected]**********.com> <-- Mails to ENI-Desktop Support. ( Aliases) This is not working
[[email protected]******* ~]# echo "Subject: Test Email from Kanda" | sendmail [email protected]************.com<mailto:[email protected]************.com> <-- This works fine.


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G'day @Kandasamy Murugan and welcome to :)

I am moving this Thread to "Mail Server" where it will receive the attention you need.

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You would have to search in your maillog for both the mail delivery attempts for the mails sent to [email protected] and [email protected]. This way you can find the mail id's and use those to track the route the mail is taking and following the route by checking different mailserver maillog files to the eventually find an error message in one of your mailservers maillogs why the message to the list could not be delivered. You could trace the mail that is arriving in the same way to see what route it is taking and compare it to the route that isn't working. I would suspect the distribution list running on a separate server and taking a different route to arrive at the final destination than the mails going directly to the personal mailboxes. So somewhere along the way there is probably a configuration setting not set right and the mail is being rejected somewhere and therefore never arriving at it's final destination.
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