How-to setup a LXC/LXD container for browsing Internet through 'firefox' with 'xpra'?


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May I ask that:
How-to setup a seperate lxc/lxd container for browsing internet through 'firefox', but instead of routing it through the standard 'xorg', using 'xpra'(or the Apache Guacamole).
I read at several locations/sites on internet about 'docker'+'xorg' or 'lxc'/'lxd'+'xorg', but not 'lxc'/'lxd'+'xpra'

1: The user knows nothing about containers except that:
'qemu' is hardware virt. and
'lxc'/'lxd' is software virt. using the host kernel.
2: The host: Newly installed 'Debian'_'buster', with ONLY "standard system utilities" checked( for install) during Installation, and not even DE or the X_Server( or GUI).

Packages( installed manually after the installation):
'xorg', 'dwm', 'pulseaudio', 'pavucontrol', 'firefox', and
'mc', 'evince', 'redshift'.

Thanking you...

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