how to share htdocs folder to my windows7 on vmware



I am newbie. I am installed Xampp on backtrack5 on vmware and I am using it as a web server . I am devoloping php on windows. I use programs and browsers on windows. just runing apache and php on backtrack. I am trying to share htdocs folder to my windows7 so I can edit my php files on windows. How can I do this on easy way?

I am not used to use Backtrack and other kind linuxs. Can you advise me which linux should I use. again I am not pro so its should easy to use, should easy to install programs, browsers, should have available vmware Images on web.




You're using a pen-testing distro to support PHP development in Windows?

Xampp has a version compatible with Windows. This would eliminate the need for a VM and Linux confusion.

If you really want to get your feet wet with Linux, I'd suggest reading Selecting a Linux Dristribution.
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