How to stop Chrome usage memory?


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Jan 9, 2021
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Hello there,

My google chrome is using too much memory, if anyone knows why google chrome is using too memory then, please revert me.

G'day kakshere, Welcome to

How do you know it uses excessive ram ?

What steps have you already taken ?

What OS are you using?

More detail please
I have a bunch of tabs open, one of them playing video, and all the extensions I use daily.

Memory calculations aren't all that precise. I've got about 12 GB of RAM going to Google Chrome and about 7.5 GB of RAM going towards Google Chromium.

That's about right for the 75ish tabs I have open in total.

Maybe once every couple of days, I'll go ahead and close the browsers and then re-open them and restore them to their previously opened tab.

How do you know it uses excessive ram ?

The above is to give an example 'cause Condo asked a very, very excellent question.

What you may be calling excessive RAM is probably just Chrome doing its thing. Unused RAM is wasted RAM (with the Law of Diminishing Returns being applicable, as always).

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