How to switch from fedora gnome to fedora kde plasma


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Jun 1, 2024
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Good afternoon!

I'm barely using Fedora and I'm enjoying it. But I would like to be able to customize my graphical environment more.

At the moment I'm using fedora gnome and I would like to go to the fedora kde plasma version.

I would like to know if there was a way to make this change without having to install everything from scratch as I have a lot of files.

you should be able to install plasma from the software manager, then you can either leave gnome and just select plasma or you can remove it, swapping DE should not damage your files.
sudo dnf group install -y "KDE Plasma Workspaces"

After you do this, reboot, near the bottom of your login screen, there will a small icon that
looks like gear. Click on that, select the desktop environment that you want to login to.
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Though It's possible to add KDE to a Fedora gnome install, I would say that with gnome and KDE there are always interactions that can cause problems. My advise would be to down load the KDE spin and backup important data and do a fresh install. I know people don't like doing that. But in order to get the real feel for KDE it's should be done.

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