How to troubleshoot DTS/DTB ?


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I have a BananaPI under Gentoo using kernel 5.14.
It has several video output and the 2 used are its HDMI port and an LVDS LCD screen.

The mainline kernel device tree (DTS) is providing support only for the HDMI one and is working perfectly well (DRM, console, graphics, what-ever).

I applied those patches and to enable the LCD, and the compilation went successful without any trouble.

The problem is when I'm applied this new device tree :
  • the LCD is still not visible : only one Framebuffer defined which is the HDMI screen
  • DRM is not enabled anymore even for the HDMI : no /dev/dri directory :mad:
No error in dmesg or in the console ... so I'm lost for weeks now.

Any tips to troubleshoot ?


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