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Jun 19, 2019
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I'm the unfortunate owner of a HP scanjet N6350. When I purchased it I hadn't considered having to use it in other than windoze! So now that I'm moving away from that OS I find that HPlib won't find my scanner, it actually seems to be more a utility to find printers.. Sadly, HP has no dupport drivers for Linux for the model. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

G'day @Mint_Me and welcome to linux.org :)

Your message slipped beneath my radar, regrets.

What Linux Distribution are you using (obviously Mint, but which version and Desktop Environment [DE])?

eg Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon, MATE, Xfce, whatever.


Chris Turner
Mint 19.1 Cinnamon.

I got the latest I could find HPlip installed and when I had it scan for USB it found nothing. I was wondering if I installed the HP drivers for WIN7 under WINE perhaps that would work. It seems the HPlib is geared towards printers - it found my Laserjet 2200 well enough. There seems to be support for the multi function ones, I've always preferred the individual pieces..
I don't know about Wine, but...

Try Vuescan. It is free to download and try, but it will watermark what it produces. If it works it is a paid app and will cost about $40 to remove the watermark.

Could you virtualise Windows within Linux and use the Windows driver that way?

You could TRY it with Wine. It may or may not work.

Watch the warning that HP gives:
Recently, HP has seen an increased number of third-party support websites selling HP driver downloads or diagnostic tools. Many of these websites use the HP trademark symbol and claim to be official HP distributors. If your product supports your operating system, HP offers your driver and software at no additional cost through the HP website. Use caution when dealing with any website that asks you to pay for HP driver downloads or tools that claim to diagnose your HP products. These websites might not be affiliated with HP in any way.

Do not install BIOS updates from a motherboard manufacturer's website. Only install BIOS updates from HP. Installing BIOS updates from the motherboard manufacturer can prevent the computer from accepting an HP system recovery. This could result in a loss of data.
Thanks for the tip - that's always good advice. I'm the unfortunate owner of a nice duplex scanner that has no Linux drivers. Oh well!
@Mint_Me - Mate just a quick question before I head off for my evening.

The scanner may have shipped with up to 4CDs, according to its manual.

Did you get those and do you still have them, if that is so?


Bought this used off eBay. I went to the HP website and they have no Linux drivers for this scanner.
This is what is on the HP website for support. Guess I need to look for a replacement.


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