HP Mini 1110 3030NR



So I slapped Xubuntu on my HP Mini 110 3030NR. Works perfect. I tried a few versions of Mint and had sound issues. Not the case with Xubuntu. Really pleased with it so far and it's pretty snappy after it boots up. :D

Are you running the latest Xubuntu version? I must admit that I am quite the fan of Xubuntu and it is currently my main distro. I have experienced sound problems in the past when it comes to Mint and I am surprised to see it still happens! I do hate to hear that, but stuff like that happens I guess.

Xubuntu is a very snappy little distribution. The boot up time is not too bad at all and everything works perfectly once it is loaded. This is one thing I have always enjoyed about Linux when compared to something like the laptop I am on that is running Windows 7. Once the laptop boots up, I have to let it sit a bit to "warm up", I guess, or I experience some lagging.
Yep running the latest version. I also love the little built in dock at the bottom. :D Xubuntu is very much comparable to OSX which i love.
I decided on Xubuntu as well for my aging netbook (Asus EEE 1000HE) - really digging it. No problems to speak of here.

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