HP Smart/ HP Tango Linux support?


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Mar 22, 2022
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Despite the name of the title, I have realized it was not particularly smart to switch to Linux without checking first if some of my stuff was actually compatible. I see that on HP's website they don't provide support for the HP Tango and the Linux operating system and, of course, the printer doesn't have a USB port either so I can't just plug it into my computer.

Is there any third party software that I can use to use my printer again? I'd really hate to buy a new one as this one cost so much and was an investment. The whole reason I switched to Linux in the first place was because it was a free operating system and why not learn something new?

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If your printer does not have a usb port, what does it have ?....How does it connect?... Wirelessly?

Make and model of printer ?

Info please.
Most HP printers are supported in Linux using the HP Cups for printing and simple scan for , well scanning, I have two HP printers one is hard-wired [USB] the other wireless, both work fine, [which ever make of printer you use, it will not have every feature you get using the same in Windows. ]
For the Tango range of printers, you will need HPLIP drivers version 3.18.12 or newer, which should be available in most distributions
Addendum.. It would also help if you told us what distribution and build number you are using
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While we are on the topic of printers brother printer normally work in linux aswell If anyone is looking for a printer. If people are useing Hp printer see Brickwizard post. If people are runing opensuse or a distro based on opensuse you may run into printer driver problems.

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