I believe linux-debian could run on macbook, but there are some problems



I'd like to remove osx and install debian on macbook air.
I download debian_testing_i386_CD_1.iso, install by usb cd-rom.
In install: force efi? I select No; disk partition, I select guided to partition entire disk; install grub? I select install grub in /dev/sda; and I select to install desktop entironment.
Now there are some problems:
1,Start slowly, after press power key there is always dark, after 1 minute, grub menu shows, then command line shows.
If hold_press option key when press power key, select disk icon, start very fast, less than 10 seconds grub menu shows.
2,Failed to start x windows. In command line, type startx, some letters show in 1 second, then only command line prompt shows in top, nothing else in screen, press power key, machine automaticly restart.
Please help me. Thanks!

Yes, the article is osx+debian,but i'm only debian while remove osx

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