I can't boot my laptop from the Grub screen.

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Cauã A. E. Santo

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Jun 14, 2022
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There was a problem with my notebook that made me reinstall Fedora 35 on it. I put the bootable flash drive and the process. Everything went well in the first steps, until the installation itself went wrong. I believe I have done something wrong in the configuration partitions when separating them. Now I can't get out of that way, and I've already watched several methods of solving this problem, which didn't give me a precise resolution, just a notion of what to do.

I understand that I have to find out my kernel version (vmlinuz) and my initrd version on one of my partitions, or that I haven't found out yet.

The most promissory partition is (gpt3), where my root/ directory is. In it is the boot/ directory, which doesn't show me anything when I press Enter, grub just two lines and it stays inside the root/ directory.

In this edition, the single directories that contained the most files are bin/, lib6/, lib64/ and sbin/. These have a bunch of files, which I don't even think might be useful, but I don't even know how to read them.

I will be forever grateful to anyone who can help me!



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