i cant change permissions of an app

Oct 9, 2020
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When i attempt to change permissions such as execute to true it simply reverts back, when i attempt from the console this also happens.
i am using linux mint and am crippled with live sessions only (dont really have an account, and holding everything for the os on 15 gig drive and have a 32 as a storage.
i don't know. i have a 60 gig drive on my laptop(when this is taking place) but also can't read and write or access/boot into that linux.

i dont know.

If you are using a Live edition, when you reboot everything, including anything you have installed, will be lost. It will revert to its former state.

To get things to "stick", including configurations, you need to make a full and proper install,

Then, to change permissions you need to do so with sudo rights.
few things, i can't properly install due to some weird shit i don't understand and i can't change permissions of an app. aka when i go to perms tab and click x-cutable, it turms greeen for a second and flips back.
its not a matter of weather i restart my computer, i know that effects it.
How about we start with your install issues for Linux Mint. What version? Some info about your hardware would be useful (i.e., CPU, RAM, HD size, dual-boot, single boot).

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