I Can't Log Into Jami Account


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Before I reinstalled Mint 20.2, I couldn't get the Jami messenger app to activate at all. Now I can finally do that again, but whenever I click on "link to an existing account" and type in my info, it doesn't do anything after that.


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How can I link a device to my account?
When you choose to link your device to another account, there are a few steps:
  1. On the device which has a Jami account, enter the account password and a PIN will be generated.
  2. When you click on “Link another device to this account”, the account will be sent on the DHT for 5 minutes and a PIN code is generated at this time.
  3. Generally, in Settings → Accounts → Choose your account → Link another device to this account
  4. Enter the PIN code on the other device.
Source - https://jami.net/help/
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