I have installed the newest ubuntu in windows vista


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Hi, I'm a super nooob, I have installed the newest ubuntu on a vista platform as the primary ios, its a little sluggish but I found puppy linux. I did a usb boot, I have it on the system and I like it more for my taste. Plus I love the Pup background. How do I keep the puppy as the main ios, instead of ubuntu. Everytime I try to boot on puppy it goes to ubuntu, I have to stick the usb and start all over, what I/m doing wrong? help?


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You will likely need to actually "install" Puppy onto the hard drive.
It sounds like you are running Puppy from the USB stick - which Puppy is designed to do.
The Puppy Live image AND the Puppy documentation have very good, clear, and concise instructions
on how to install to hard disk.


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You mentioned Vista.

What kinda hardware are you working with? There might be a more suitable distro. Puppy isn't really meant to be installed, though you can. As Vrai said, it's meant to be run from the USB stick.

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