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Nov 28, 2022
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Hello, please recommend me ISO for 386 old hardware, here I have several computers:

on socket 370 - CELERON 600 MHZ / RAM 64 MB and CELERON 800 MHZ / RAM 512 MB

and two computers on socket 478 - PENTIUM IV / RAM 2 GB /

as well as three units of socket 462 - AMD ATHLON XP 1150 GHZ / RAM 2 GB

I just want to give a second life to these computers. So, I will ask if someone can give me links to old archive versions, 32 bit. Thanks in advance!

Not sure if any will run with just 64MB, but FreeDOS would, & has a couple of GUIs that could be used.

The 512MB may run a few, but will be using lightweight window managers, try AntiX, SliTaz, or Tiny Core Plus.

I find 2GB ram OK with some mid weight distros, Devuan Live/XFCE (installed), not sure if your's are powerful enough.
as well as three units of socket 462 - AMD ATHLON XP 1150 GHZ
These may well be 64 bit machines [but without more details I cannot confirm] if they are , then they will run many of the light or medium 64 bit builds [if you would like me to check further then list each of the machine's Make, full Model number [from the manufacturer's plate] and if possible serial number.

this list will give you the min requirements for each distribution shown
I'll only provide this as FYI.

I had pentium 4 hardware that I kept here for QA (Quality Assurance) testing of Ubuntu, however the last i386 release I did testing for was back second half of 2020 and it all reached EOL earlier this year (end May 2023), so those two boxes have been recycled. The RAM in those boxes varied from 1GB to 3GB; they were nicer to use with more RAM & with a light desktop. These pentium 4 boxes were also used in QA testing of Debian.

Athlon XP I had, but I can't recall which box it was in, and what it ran on; same with socket 370...

I still use old pentium M boxes with Debian (i386) but they're socket 479. I like Debian, and its my choice for my old 2002-2004 IBM Thinkpads (RAM varies from 1GB - 1.5GB); though I tend to use old-old-stable as I get better results (watching videos) from the very old radeon GPUs.
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on socket 370 - CELERON 600 MHZ / RAM 64 MB and CELERON 800 MHZ / RAM 512 MB
With these two you will not be able to use Debian "Bookworm", the latest version. With the others it is strongly suggested to move up to 4GB RAM in the very least because you might feel the need to move up to 64-bit.

Most of the distributions that support 32-bit are doing so with the final line of those CPU's. Such as Pentium IV. Not anything that is rated less than 1GHz. What is being definitely supported is classified as "i686" even though this Intel-like way of labelling things is darned confusing.

What are you going to do with those computers? Because web browsing could impressively suck up a lot of RAM. Even if a computer with limited specifications could boot successfully into a desktop or window-manager setup, its performance will depend on what applications are going to be used on it. With 2GB RAM or less the user, accustomed to having more resources, will be forced to take it easy.

EDIT: Posted the above and then noticed this is on Kali Linux sub-forum. :/
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So 32-bit support, for a computer that used to have Windows, will be only in that "i686" label. Which pretty much means Pentium IV, Pentium M and anything produced near that time.

My earlier post will remain, otherwise I'm sorry for going off-topic.

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