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I think I have found the ubuntu for me but I need some assistance with installs



Well I have a Toshiba laptop with about 750MB ram and a 1.9GHz processor. Windows wasn't working for me so I have tried the light revision of Ubuntu known as as Lubuntu. It works perfectly, it has room for most of the features of regular Ubuntu. It comes without them however, more unusual it's about the same size as a normal installation. I must say it runs better than windows, but it is not a Noob OS I can't express enough how difficult it is for installations now. You just run an .exe in windows however now you run terminal and use sudo to install programs. I like that because it is secure, however I would like some assistance. I have an app that I would like to install and it is very very confusing. I want to install from the shell application in the package labeled install.sh . It says in most linux revisions that I CAN INSTALL USING A DOUBLE CLICK. I try and it doesn't work. My revision is lubuntu 11.10, any help is appreciated as I have demolished my windows partition.

Try running it from a terminal. Normally, you have to run 'install' programs as the super user. Open a terminal and run:

$ sudo su

Type in your unprivileged user's password at the prompt. Then, change to the directory that contains the install script and run:

# ./install.sh

Hope this helps.