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Identifying a specific kernel module




I have a troublesome USB card with a renesas upd720202 chipset that only works on certain Linux flavours

So for example with Debian 8 (3.16) the card doesn't even show up in lspci but with Mint 17.3 (3.19) all works perfectly.

What I would like to do is identify what module in the Mint kernel but not the Debian one is responsible for making the card work so I can use that to patch other kernels where I want to use the card

Can someone explain how I can do that please?



If it works in one, it *can* work in them all.
It *basically* comes down to kernel, firmware, and configuration.
The kernel module is most likely xhci-hcd.
Boot a Ubuntu/Mint Live CD and from a terminal issue:
dmesg | grep xhci
Should spit out some information for you to check out.

Could be that your add-in card requires a non-free firmware or a more up-to-date kernel, and that *could* be the cause for it working in Ubuntu/Mint but not your Debian-Stable.
I believe that the 4.5 kernel has been backported to Debian-Stable, so upgrade that and see what happens. And check 'apt-cache search firmware' to see if anything fits for you as well.


Maximum strangeness :confused:

Tonight I get home, boot up, card has disappeared!!

lspci -nn | grep USB shows the mobo embedded USB hubs and nil else

dmesg helps none either

No idea where to go with this now but will try to get a 4 kernel onto something to see if that helps. I think the latest lubuntu has one out of the box I can try

Confused !!

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