If you could change one thing about Ubuntu what would it be?

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Sep 5, 2018
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Just curious if you like the changes they have been making.......and what would you like to change.

If I could change one thing about Ubuntu it would be removing snaps by default. They're so slow and hog resources.
My gripe about snaps is that they are so big (hundreds of megabytes for what is a several-megabyte app when downloaded through apt).
Snaps aren't any larger than the Deb files with all of the required dependencies needed to run them.

The whole point of Snaps is that every and any possible dependencies needed is included within the Snap folder / file.

I haven't noticed Snaps running any slower then Deb Software files and I'm using 2010 computers.
The thing I don't understand is why doesn't snapcraft or flatpak just reuse installed dependencies?
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I would separate snap and apt as before, meaning do not install snaps through apt.

Snaps are fine to run software as they ship their dependencies, and that add a lot of value. For example, it makes a discontinued package really easy to keep running: just ship all its old dependencies into it and harden the sandbox to avoid conflicts and security risks.

But at the same time their sandboxing might get in the way a lot. It sometimes affects the integration with the system software or existing dependencies; e.g., a Thunderbird snap may not find the system's GnuPG.

In terms of performance, they run exactly as fast as .deb software; the only difference is the time it takes for the software to boot, as they are compressed squashfs volumes that are mounted and extracted on the spot

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