I'm stuck in a corner...


...of my own making. While trying to dual boot with Deepin and Windows 10 I find that I can no longer log in to Win10. Since Deepin was working well I thought the best way to recover was to burn an .iso to a USB. I was absolutely sure that I had chosen the correct USB to format. By now you know what's coming. Not only had I chosen the wrong one but I had managed to format my recovery drive!! So here I am at the loading screen with no access to Win 10, no recovery USB, trying to recover with a program that I have never used before.

So is the USB strategy the right way to go? Here's what I've done so far.:

Used Deepin to download the Win 10 recovery .iso.
Partitioned and formatted the USB to NTFS.
Used Etcher to burn the .iso (A warning screen said that there was a partition problem. But I clicked on "install anyway". Even though the program ran and verified the install as successful, it wasn't. The USB was empty when I checked!)
I've tried other programs with no success.
And by the way, what is mounting? How do I get that done?

Looking forward to your recommendations. Thanks in advance!


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Go into your BIOS (if you haven't already) and set your machine to boot to the usb with Windows on it first. Than install Windows.

Once you have Windows installed go into "Disk Management" and shrink your partition in 1/2 to make room for your Linux Deepin installation.

Use Rufus to make the usb for Deepin bootable.
Than boot into the usb with Linux Deepin and run the installer.

During the installation when the partition manager pop's up use the unallocated space to create partitions for your Deepin install.

Create one ext 4 / partition and give it a / flag.
Than create a 1 to 2 GB swap partition and finish the installation.

On the fresh reboot let Deepin boot up and wait till the desktop is up and running than launch the terminal and run this command:

sudo update-grub

The next time you boot Grub should give you the choice of booting into Windows or Linux.

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