Important: We did not send an email asking for donations - scam alert

Ta for sharing that, Brian.

I am just about out for my evening.



Earlier today an email was sent out to our members stating that we now accept donations via cryptocurrency in exchange for upgraded member perks. This email is a scam, do not send anything to the addresses listed in the email.

Someone was able to gain access to the administrator area of the forum using a weak password from one of our administrators, then used the built-in email tool to send out bulk emails requesting donations.

The site also wasn't rendering during this time. We've restored from a previous backup. If you have any questions, please respond below, send me a private message here or reach out via email ([email protected]).

Thank you,
hey rob i was wondering if u can give me a free vpn for a safe and secure connection
hey rob i was wondering if u can give me a free vpn for a safe and secure connection

LOL @Rob is not actually a VPN provider. There are many providers out there, but free ones aren't ones that I'd trust.
G'day @Darkcorn ... some didn't, we have only been notified of a small number of people who did.

The notice is just part of our attempts to protect our Members.


Chris Turner
I also received that emailView attachment 13725

Obviously, the author does Not understand anything about the true philosophy behind Linux and "FLOSS" world (its community at large).
But, I won't about it to give any clue to the author(s) of this scam.
They better target proprietary software companies, it's where people with all sorts of greeds usually meet... ;-)


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