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Hey guys,

I have tried to install Mint via usb stick.

I have Kali linux installed on a lap-top.

So, I used RUFUS to put Mint on usb stick,
pressed ctrl+c after turning on the lap top,
F12 immediately after that
and chose "USB STORAGE"
to activate boot Mint.

I had been using Mint for a while
and turned off my lap top after that.

When I took away usb stick
and turned on lap top again
I realised that Kali is still installed
and Mint isn`t.

Is there anyone who could say
if I missed some step during installation?

I don`t know where did I go wrong.

Thank you!


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Have you created a LiveCD (on USB) and then not chosen Install Linux Mint.

If you boot from a LiveCD (on USB) everything will disappear when you reboot.


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several things could have gone wrong, corrupted download, bad burn of the iso, or failure to click on the install button on the live screen are the most common errors, if you did click the install button then another possibility is lack of harddrive space


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Also in addition to what has already been said. IS this a UEFI install or Bios? Sometimes the grub boot loader does not do well with Mint and UEFI installs. Thus grub is not written in the right place.
Also you should turn off secure boot if your machine will allow that. What happened with the install did you get any error messages during it. Other thing did you check the download .iso? You can do that by following the instructions here. I prefer using Etcher to burn it with it's cross platform and can be installed on any OS including windows. Or you can use the appimage. you can find it here. Also please give us a run down on the machine. boot to the live usb and go to a terminal and type this command.
inxi -Fxxxzr
then post the output here.
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