Installing a USB wifi unit in Ubuntu 20.04

Since you are running Ubuntu, try this. Open a terminal and enter:
ubuntu-drivers devices

Then copy the output and post here.

I have just got a message from the producer that the driver works with Ubuntu 19.04 but not 20.04. Do you recommend any usb adapter that would work? Thanks anyway for all your help so far!

"The driver support up to Ubuntu 19.04, but can not Ubuntu 20.04.
Note: This driver supports the Linux kernel version V5.4 at most, but higher versions will not work properly."
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I have the same problem, and typed the command ubuntu-drivers devices, what appeared to me was the following:

can anybody help me? please explain as if it were for a 5 year old child
I have Ubuntu 20.04, I don't know if I have universal as my font list
Do these 3 commands
sudo add-apt-repository universe
sudo add-apt-repository multiverse
sudo apt update

Then do the install command again.
I did all the steps you told me, it still shows errors, I think it's my machine even if it has a problem
You have rtl8812au.

firmware-b43-installer is for a different wireless chip. Why is it there?

What is the output from
lspci |grep Network
i don't know, i already tried to do so many tutorials to fix both the wifi that suniu and to try to configure the adapter. I think I will install ubuntu again and try to do one thing at a time
Before you do, Open a Terminal and input
lspci |grep Network
What is the result? Can you Copy And Paste here.
My mistake! With the USB in, what does it say when you do
no, it must have been disabled or the hardware destroyed, but it would help me a lot to configure the driver for the usb adapter
If the USB is plugged in when you do lsusb it should show even without a driver. Something must be wrong.