Installing Debian on a Lenovo k3011w ideatab. No dock keyboard, no touch support.


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Hello everyone. I think this might be quite simple but I googled for hours to solve it and couldn't find anything useful.

I'm trying to install Debian on a Lenovo k3011w ideatab. I have made a live USB using the image "debian-live-10.4.0-i386-gnome". I have been able to boot to the installation menu, but I get stuck there. My problem is, the tablet has no keyboard dock and only one USB c port. I use the USB port to boot the to the live USB, then I have to disconnect the USB to connect an USB keyboard and choose one of the options in the boot menu offered by the live USB:



When I choose any of those and hit enter, I am told I have to insert the USB and then hit any key, which I just cant since the USB is in the only port I got! I also am able to boot to a command shell by pressing "c", but do not know what commands could I use to have the computer start the installation after I disconnect the keyboard and re connect the live USB.

Also, the tablet has an internal slot for a memory card. I have already inserted a card with a bootable image there, but have not been able to boot from there with any of the boot alternatives I get on EUFI:

IMG_20200703_102130873 (1).jpg

So, I think this might be quite simple to solve, but I really got no idea how to fix it! Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you all for reading this.




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Looks to me you need to be running 32bit (2GB RAM) and have a USB3 hub, like this one, in hand, OP
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