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Installing Kali linux on a logical partition


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Hi, I have downloaded the last version of kali linux image and burned it on a DVD. now when i make it to installition, everything works fine until copying stuff to the HDD. It says this step failed: installition. I used another DVD and downloaded the ISO again but no difference. If i try to convert the logical partition to primary and try again, will it work? I can't try it because i have to format and i have to transfer my stuff but no enough space for that.


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Why are you choosing Kali?
What kind of computer are you trying to install it on? Laptop, desktop, make, model?
Are you wanting to dual boot with Windows or will Kali be the only OS on the computer?


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you can have 4 primary partitions and only need to start using logical if you need more room. So have you got windows or something else installed already ?


I wouldn't partition the space ahead of time. I would leave/make it unallocated space available for any OS to format as it requires. During the installation it should show up as unused disk space with the option to use all available space. Use the option of one partition for all the files and folders.

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