Installing Network Driver (WIFI) on Ubuntu 16.04.6


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Hi all,
nice to meet you.

I have absolutely no idea about Linux but I am trying to fix something on our Workstation, which runs Ubuntu. I have never used Linux so I would appreciate if we can keep the language noob-friendly :)

So basically I am trying to install Wifi Dongles on Ubuntu but I am not quite sure how. I bought Linux compatible dongles off Amazon. I am not sure how to even run the setup, (I'm so noob, I tried double clicking the setup file,).

Is there any guide you can refer me to?

Thanks in advance


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Hi @DMR, and welcome! You've referred to "dongles" in the plural a couple of times... I hope you didn't buy too many. Just because the dongle is advertised as Linux compatible, that doesn't mean it will work, or that it will work well.

But maybe luck will be on your side... Ubuntu is a very good system at finding and setting up new hardware. First off, you don't run the Windows setup file on the disk. Linux doesn't work that way. If all works as normal, and as simply as it usually does, just plug in your dongle and reboot Ubuntu. Then look in your Network Manager app and see if nearby wireless networks appear. If so, click on the one you want, enter the passphrase, and presto! That's usually all there is to it.

If you don't detect wireless networks, then it might take some time and effort to diagnose what kind of wifi device it is (doesn't matter what Amazon says it is... just a few companies make devices and put all kinds of brand names on them). But I'm kinda banking on the easy detection described above. :D


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