Intalling Linux Mint partition Issue


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May 5, 2024
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Hello, I went thru the Linux Mint install using a USB stick and when it got to the step of changing the partitioning I was not able to move the slider. It appeared the two partitions were about the same size. I continued with the install anyway and received a partition error. Since the slider option in the installer would not let change the size do I need the go into disk management on window and shrink C:? I want to have dual boot.


windows needs a minimum of around 40gb [more the better] mint need a min 30 gb [the more the merrier] if you have a hard drive of say 500 gb or more, when you install mint, you will be asked how you wish to install, replace windows, install alongside or something else, choose to install alongside. Then you get to the partitioning point, select for Mint installer to form its own partition you don't need to mess around yourself.
Thank you for the reply. The laptop has 212 GB total. 78.4 free. 133 GB used. It looks like the disk drive space is borderline on space. I tried to reinstall again and selected to install alongside Windows. It then stated it needed to delete Linux Mint. I started the process but stopped it because I did not know if it would still keep Windows and configure dual boot.
Here is additional information. Erno 28 no space left on device. This is due to insufficient space for the installer to complete on target partition. Please run installer again and select a larger partition to install to.

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