Ion Fury not launching


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Feb 25, 2024
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Hello people.

I have various games on my machine and they all work. duke nukem is working thru eduke32, i have Warzone2100 and a few others.
I purchased Ion Fury, it is an automatic downloader and installer. I have been trying various ways to get it going. I have come to believe there might be something wrong with
I have no idea how to correct it. there is an html file which says it could not install game as directory is not available. this is weird because the files have been copied into the same said folder,
which leads me to believe that there is something not right with the instructions in the folders. I can send a screen shot .. if that even helps.
i sent message to GOG ... still waiting.
there is an additional file which I needed and installed .. something called lib20 or similar. ran it with terminal successfully.

As you can see the files are there in directory. I not sure how Fury.Bin works ... when I click it says no file is associated.

Hopefully I can find a solution here. Thanks in advance.


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what command in the terminal are you using to launch

generally on .sh files - you right click where the .sh file is located and select open terminal here then run (in your case) sudo bash ./ since the file is a bash script

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