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Iptables and guarddog configuration



Hello guys, I'm new with Linux and I have a problem to solve.
I have to install iptables and guarddog as Gui for the firewall.I'm trying but I'm going nowhere.
I'm trying to do it on wmware since I use windows as my default OS.
I would appreciate it if someone could tell me step by step how to install iptables and GD so I can configure then what i need from the last one. I'm using ubuntu 12.4
Please I really need help on this.
Thank You!!

Welcome to Linux.org!

Download guarddog here (http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/g/guarddog/)

Run these commands:

sudo apt-get install kdelibs4c2a #Needed software
sudo dpkg -i guarddog_*ubuntu3_*.deb #Install Downloaded file; replace * with version numbers

For extra help with guarddog, check out this great page (http://www.adercon.com/ac/node/36).

The IPtables are already installed on Ubuntu by default. If for some odd reason you really do not have IPtables, then you can install it by running this command "apt-get install iptables".

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