Is Unity3D running on POP OS 20.04?


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Oct 6, 2020
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The Unity3D Game engine has not released the software for Ubuntu 20.04. Only the beta version is released. So is it possible to run the stable version of Unity3D with wine or any other possible ways? I think it's possible using Wine but I don't know how does that work and what are things which runs behind the scenes. I would like to know that in deep. Will anyone give me suggestions and guide me throughout the process?

I found this:

Not sure if that's gonna work for you, but there's the link to the thread. They seem to have made it work and they might be able to talk you through it if nobody here has the experience.
Thank you that link had some was useful as well as great news which said that official support for ubuntu 20.04 is coming up. Through that I understand there are many of them who will be benefited of that. So I think as they said they're really working on that. They've uploaded a beta version of Unity3D which will run on Ubuntu 20.04.
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Last word I read on the topic: Unity plans to add full support to Ubuntu 20.04 soon and will continue to support Ubuntu 18LTS and CentOS 7, so Pop OS 20.04 will likely run it too
There is a video on YouTube that tells you how to do it if you are interested - Ubuntu 20.04

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