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I updated my Slackware64 to Slackware64 current, in the previous slackware with stock kernel the wired network card loaded no problem (Intel 9 series chipset Family ME). From my understanding from web searches and looking at the files in the udev.d directory it should use the e1000e module. From looking at the lspci it is showing it is using the mei_me module, and I am unsure how to change it I have done rmmod mei_me (and associated modules) and then modprobe e1000e to no avail it still lists the mei_me module when you use the lspci command. The card you can't bring up and I am assuming is because it is trying to use the wrong module (mei_me). With previos kernel before upgrade it was on a series 4 of the kernel now on 5.4.x. How do I get the wrong module unloaded and not associated with the card and the proper one (e1000e) loaded and associated with the card. I am assuming getting this done I will be able to bring the card up and do everything you can normally do with a working network card.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions or advice you can give on this matter.


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Hi @Nathantu more slackware users are always welcome. I upgraded to current because my WiFi card wasn't on my phone having a cup of tea so can't type much, but let's think laterally- generally with newer kernels more functionality is added so generally more things should work with backward compatibility. Now It depends how you upgrade.maybe you might go into some detail of basic steps more me and ,run : uname -r , so we can see exact kernel


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slackware current is really the testing release and to my knowledge tends to go through phases of stability with everything in harmony, then it goes through phases of unstability , things missing etc .

I upgraded to current circa December 2019 and its a particularly (if i was a wine buff) a good vintage. the kernel is 5.4.12 ; i use a combination of installing packages including slackbuilds and slpkg (not slackpkg) which fetches from current mirror. Things have moved on eg i see mention of pam, yet so far i can install packages , no clash , no issues. I installed firefox 77 yesterday and it works no problem .

i have chromium-77.0.3865.75-x86_64-1alien
etc etc

Thus I'm in no rush to upgrade again until another point in time where things have been thrashed out. i noticed sometimes things get forgotten looking at the log then added later.

e1000e is present at : /lib/modules/5.4.12/kernel/drivers/net/ethernet/intel/e1000e/

with this kernel not sure about mei_me but yes , rmmod mei_me would be the approach , you might have to put in full path.

There used to be an approach /etc/modeprobe.d to have a blacklist.

Another approach might be to backtrack to 5.4.12 or even to 14.2 using slackpkg ?
any specific reason to move to current ? Basically Alien Bob releases stuff for current but there doesn't seem to be an archive; i have kernels for 5.4.12 if you want them ?

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